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Hungry little minds

Supporting your child to develop their communication, language and literacy skills

In July 2018, the Secretary of State for Education announced the government’s ambition to halve in ten years the proportion of children who finish reception year without the communication, language and literacy skills they need to thrive.


Hungry Little Minds has been developed using a robust evidence base. The Department for Education commissioned over 73 research sessions with 104 parents, carers and influencers (such as grandparents and friends) across the country to:


  • Identify the best campaign proposition to raise parental awareness, interest and engagement

  • Test supporting campaign elements including brand and tone of voice

  • Understand the audience including the moments of opportunity, barriers and language.


Hungry Little Minds is a three-year campaign to encourage parents to engage in activities at home like going to the shops and playing make-believe games, that will support every their child’s early learning and help set them up for school and beyond. The campaign tackles the barriers some parents face in supporting their child’s learning at home, including time, confidence and ideas of things to do.

Please follow the weblink below for further information and ideas on how you can support you child at home with their communication, language and literacy.

If you would like any further information on Hungry Little Minds please contact us.

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