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Aims & Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Scallywags provides quality day care for babies and young children in a stimulating environment which is safe, creative, informative and adventurous, enabling our children to develop their independence and skills as they grow, realising that learning is fun.

Our Aims

Our purpose-built nurseries aim to ensures that all children have open access to both indoor and outdoor provision and that all areas are in excellent condition with free access to a range of highly suitable resources.

To provide an environment which is safe and secure that allows children to be feel relaxed, supported, confident, happy and emotionally stable.

To provide a flexible approach to learning, so all children can learn in their own way, at their own pace and have the opportunity to made decisions for themselves.

To provide a stimulating and exciting environment that encourages learning and awakens interest and curiosity in all children.

To provide quality care and education for all young children where a strict inclusion policy underpins all aspects of the provision. 

We aim to provide parents with flexible childcare that meets their needs and provides children with fun and inspirational opportunities for them to grow, learn and develop in a structured safe environment.

Nursery Practitioners aim to provide a happy, loving atmosphere with praise, comfort and reassurance, enabling children to learn about themselves, others and their surroundings.

We value the importance of early years experiences and aim to ensure that both you and your child have opportunities to be involved in every aspect of the provision.

We pride ourselves in the high quality provision we provide and the exceptional environment for children to grow and develop as individuals. Our commitment to developing a close partnership with parents ensures that your child will be cared for according to your values and wishes promoting continuity and consistency.

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